In order to maintain long lasting change in the body, we need to build awareness of how we inhabit our bodies in daily activities and athletic performance. We get to make choices in our movement qualities! Let's redefine balanced posture and alignment as something dynamic rather than rigid. 

Movement Sessions are $100 for one hour. This will include various body awareness exercises and stretches that relate directly to the work we have been doing in the structural sessions. 

Daily Activities:

Whether you're sitting in front of your computer, standing in line at the grocery store, reading on the couch, or sleeping, there is a great deal of information that often goes unnoticed. These are the places we can most easily practice finding support, choosing to let go of unnecessary tension, and create more space and ease to accomplish the task at hand. 

Athletic Performance

Athletes are always looking to fine tune their efficiency. By changing even the most subtle intentions or alignment can put you on that next leading edge as a cyclist, runner, dancer, golfer, musician, etc.