“Best kept bodywork secret is in Sausalito." 

After I had tried every different type of bodywork, I was about to give up hope to get any permanent relief from this constant pain around my hips and back. Rolfing gave me the best help of all but after I tried a few, still I had not found the cure. Until I found Aline. She is the most enthusiastic and skilled of all the practitioners I had tried. Her hands and arm knew exactly what was going on with the tissue. She seems to be actively engaged with each spot that needs extra time and attention to release. She's not arrogant, distant, or cynical as so many in the health care field can be. She comes across very sweet and caring, with a lot of dedicated energy to help you. Not only is she sensitive, strong, agile but highly competent.  Her pressure was just right, always inquiring if it was too much or not enough, and then moved exactly along the line of tension.  She knew exactly where the tissues needed release, asking me to move and stretch under her hands. The session was intense but oddly not painful. During the session, it was fascinating to learn that I carried pain and tension in places that I had not known about. 

Highly recommend you see her before she gets discovered. Best rate in the Bay area.”- Kate

“In my case, my lower back pain was relieved in a way that no other practice was able to solve. Aline was clear about what she was doing and how I could continue embodying the changes she made, proving each session a collaborative endeavor. Her support and the work itself not only transformed the way I use my body but also how I think about using it. I believe that rolfing is for anyone and highly encourage it as something that will benefit all bodies.” - Maggie

"Aline is an extremely caring and graceful practitioner.  She approaches her work with expertise, precision and enthusiasm.  I'm very appreciative of Aline's thoroughness during sessions.  She was very detailed in her work during my initial 10-Series and during follow up sessions.  She left me feeling more integrated and with increased energy and vitality.  She knows what she is doing and I highly recommend her!” - Rich

"The thing that felt unique about working with Aline, is her absolute passion for and acute understanding of the body and its possibilities. Her lifelong practice as a dancer at the highest levels has clearly influenced her practice as a bodyworker. She is truly gifted in collaborating with a client in the process of helping them become clearer and more balanced in the understanding of how to inhabit their body with more ease and freedom. I was amazed how after each session I looked and felt different, and that in both my daily movements in life and in my pursuits as an athlete everything felt much more efficient and nuanced. She radiates a sense of care from the moment you walk into her beautiful office and begin the amazing journey that is a Rolf 10-Series. I recommend her highly if you are dealing with any kind of chronic body impingements or pain, are an athlete seeking a competitive edge, or someone just wondering about what greater capacity and potential exists in your body." - Alex