Aline Wachsmuth

Certified Rolfer™, Professional Dancer, and Movement Specialist

I was first introduced to Rolfing® Structural Integration as a dance major at Florida State University. My deep curiosity about the body and its infinite movement possibilities led me to try the ten series, despite the stories I had heard about it being painful or challenging work. After leaving each Rolfing SI session, I felt an incredible sense of lift, spaciousness, clarity, and availability to take on any problem that came my way. Bringing this new information I was learning into the dance studio awakened me to subtleties and choices in my body that I had previously been unaware of. The work made tremendous changes in my performance, my sense of self, and my relationships with the people in my life. 

"I immediately knew that this was the work I needed to share with the world. As we get swept into the ever-increasing pace of society, hunched in front of our computers, we forget that movement is a fundamental key to feeling vibrant and healthy. Allowing the inherent movement of our bodies to unfold can create a more accessible means of embodying joy and pleasure, as well as a way to move through physical and emotional demands."

I received a Massage Certification from the National Holistic Institute in San Francisco (720 hour training program) in 2009 and my Rolfing Certification from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO in 2011.

In addition to my private practice, I dance professionally with The Foundry, one of the country's most innovative dance companies praised by the US Department of State as being at "the vanguard of American dance." Alongside performing, I am the primary assistant to choreographer Alex Ketley, collaborating with him on the creation of new works and commissions throughout the world. I am also an Isadora Duncan Award recipient for my work with the company.